All innovations, big and small, propel society forward.

Unfortunately, many innovative products fail in the market
for preventable reasons.

This cannot be allowed to happen.

We must seek out these companies,
bring them the right amount of expertise, leadership and capital,
and ensure that they achieve their potential.


A New Type of Venture Capital

Tech-Rx Ventures has a unique investment strategy of helping young companies that require not only funding, but also critical management help and that meet these criteria–

Solvable Problems:  They have substantial business problems (beyond needing funds) that we are equipped to solve.
Committed Stakeholders:  Key stakeholders are committed and open to Tech-Rx Ventures augmenting their team and taking an active leadership role.
Working Technology:  Their product works and is truly innovative.
Market Fit:  They help to solve an important problem in a way that will have a meaningful impact on how people do business and lead their lives.
Exit Feasibility:  We see realistic exit opportunities within 3 years.

We consciously limit our activities to those companies where we believe we have significant advantages and can add extensive value beyond just capital, such as operating or board expertise.

Most investors target companies with a potential market of $1B+ and, if later stage, with complete management teams. More often than not, these companies fail to meet expectations and investors lose interest, realizing a poor return.  We believe that many of these companies still present excellent opportunities, with lower risk than investing in embryonic start-ups, and a likelihood of excellent returns.  Our investment decisions contain fewer unknowns, because we have the benefit of knowledge not available at launch and can filter for companies with problems we believe we can solve. We know that the technology works, the market response, the strengths and weaknesses, integrity and values of the current team, the operational effectiveness of the company, plus what has and has not worked previously.

We create investment opportunities by recognizing the innovative value of these companies, reinforcing them with the right team members, refueling them with the right amount of capital and redirecting them towards a realistic and meaningful exit.

Nobody else does it like we do.

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