A New Type of Venture Capital

Help for Your Company

Tech-Rx Ventures wants to help companies that require not only funding but also management assistance. However, just like every other venture fund out there, companies must meet our selection criteria. Answer these questions —

Problems:  Does your company face substantial business challenges besides just lack of funding?
Commitment:  Are your key stakeholders committed and open to change?
Technology:  Does your product actually work and is it truly innovative?
Market:  Does your company provide a unique component of, or a compelling solution to, an important problem?

If you can truly answer “YES!” to all of those questions, then we should talk.

The Next Step

Tech-Rx Ventures uses the rapid evaluation process developed by our affiliate group, Tech-Rx. Following that process is the fastest way to get help for your company.

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ABOUT US: Tech-Rx Ventures represents a new type of venture capital with a unique investment strategy of financing companies that require not only funding but also management assistance -- companies that, in many cases, have been forsaken by their investors. We create investment opportunities by recognizing the innovative value of these companies, reinforcing them with the right team members, refueling them with the right amount of capital and redirecting them towards a realistic and meaningful exit.

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