A New Type of Venture Capital

Ethics Statement

Tech-Rx Ventures depends not only upon the skills, abilities and commitments of its team members, but also on their integrity and collective common sense, and we extend that commitment to companies, advisors, investors and all others with whom we deal by treating them fairly, honestly and objectively.  We strongly believe that the best business relationships are built on trust, mutual respect, teamwork, and integrity and we will act ethically and as responsible and responsive corporate citizens, always in compliance with the law. We ask those with whom we have dealings to extend the same treatment and trust to us.

Particularly as it applies to confidentiality, we address this directly to companies and others that seek to work with us.  Our Partners have served this industry for many years.  Many of us have started our own successful ventures.  All of us understand and respect the need for confidentiality.  We understand your concerns about sharing the interworkings of your business.  We understand that you may be uncomfortable doing so.  Please be assured that we have absolutely no interest in divulging your secrets to your competition.  In fact, it is in our own best interests that you succeed.

If you have had discussions with investor groups, you already know that most investors will not sign a nondisclosure agreement.  Why?  For the same reasons as law firms and others with whom you will be working: they are costly to maintain and nearly impossible to track.  Remember, in dealing with you, we will frequently be dealing with outside advisors and industry experts, many of whom also will decline to be bound by a nondisclosure agreement.  Be assured that we hold them to the same ethical standards to which we subscribe.  For these reasons, we must respectfully decline to sign any form of nondisclosure agreement during the course of our dealings.  Instead, let’s go back to the root of business: place your trust in the relationship.  Business is based on trust and trust is based on ethics.

For the sake of progress, innovation and good business practices, we uphold the terms and conditions of good ethics and trusted business practices and expect those with whom we deal to do the same.

Steve Hogan
Managing Partner
Tech-Rx Ventures LLC


ABOUT US: Tech-Rx Ventures represents a new type of venture capital with a unique investment strategy of financing companies that require not only funding but also management assistance -- companies that, in many cases, have been abandoned by their investors.  We create investment opportunities by recognizing the innovative value of these companies, reinforcing them with the right team members, refueling them with the right amount of capital and redirecting them towards a realistic and meaningful exit.

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