A New Type of Venture Capital

Introduction to Tech-Rx Venture Fund I

Tech-Rx Venture Fund I is a new fund with a unique investment strategy of financing companies that require not only funding but also management assistance, and that meet our selection criteria of Solvable Problems, Committed Shareholders, Working Technology, Market Fit and Exit Feasibility.  The fund requires a $100,000 minimum investment by individuals ($250,000 minimum for institutional investors) and is capped at $10 million.

Tech-Rx Venture Fund I creates opportunities by solving two problems:

  1. The lack of investment opportunities for individual investors desiring venture-level returns with lower risk and additional portfolio diversification
  2. The lack of financing available to companies that are struggling to scale

We are building Tech-Rx Venture Fund I to invest in companies struggling to scale and provide our investors with clear and repeatable results along with with portfolio diversification in an asset class uncorrelated to other types of investments.  Our investors diversify their portfolio by adding exposure to an asset class with the potential for high returns but with a shorter fund life and in a way that mitigates risk through hands-on involvement by Silicon Valley pros with strong track records.

Our Strategy Creates Our Differentiation

Traditional VCs seek speculative investments, here “●”, and astronomical wins that rarely succeed.

We seek inflection point investments, here “♦”, and strong wins that consistently succeed.

Instead of relying on founder vision, often resulting in companies unable to scale…..

We leverage our operating experience and invest at inflection points to increase the probability of success.



And instead of “long-shot” speculation that rarely succeeds…..

We target faster, lower-risk, 3-5x returns that consistently deliver.



We Invest Solely in Companies Struggling to Scale

Here’s why —

  • 100 Year Track Record – Our team members have a successful track record of helping companies scale through inflection points.
  • Clear, Repeatable Results – This type of investing consistently delivers faster wins in the 3-5x return multiple range.
  • Risk-Mitigated VC Investing – Our investment criteria make this type of investing less risky than traditional VC investing.

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ABOUT US: Tech-Rx Ventures represents a new type of venture capital with a unique investment strategy of financing companies that require not only funding but also management assistance -- companies that, in many cases, have been forsaken by their investors. We create investment opportunities by recognizing the innovative value of these companies, reinforcing them with the right team members, refueling them with the right amount of capital and redirecting them towards a realistic and meaningful exit.

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